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This idea grew from the desire to highlight the innovative ways our clients and other businesses around the world are pushing through this adversity. Businesses and organizations need help, there isn't money for marketing and promotional efforts but there's information that needs to get out.

The Campaign

Our team is managing an integrated marketing campaign with a unified message driving traffic to the thingsthataropen.com website. We will continue to add "good news" stories and encourage businesses to register as the campaign grows.


Sponsorship support helps fund the ongoing promotion and management of the thingsthatareopen.com website and campaign. The goal of this initiative is to keep businesses and community organizations afloat during this challenging time, and also foster an ever-broadening sense of community support.

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Small businesses are struggling to communicate their changing responses to this crisis. Marketing budgets are tighter than ever. Our hope is to provide a strong, unified message and central source of information that benefits the whole community.

– Claire Devaney, Marketing Director, Lift Interactive

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Tell us what you're doing to stay open during the COVID-19 crisis. Your community is here and ready to support your business.

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